CEO’s message

We would leap forward for the customer’s wellness and happiness.

“Who plays fair competing in qualities in these days ever?”

Uncompromising Dameerae made the decision to be committed to product’s qualities. We have wished to gain recognition in a detached way. Thankfully, our precious customers understood the feelings. We have been working with the strong willpower that we do our best for every each product. We promise Dameerae will keep it now and for ever. We will be with you ,sharing the confidence of the product qualities.


Creative innovation sharing customers is the only way to survive.

01. We will make new environments with you.
We will be with you by responding promptly to the changes with new ideas, creative thinking, and passionate challenges.

02. All of the executives and staffs will be committed to your happiness. Dameerae will serve you heartily, doing our best to make your days happy.

03. Let us move your heart.
All of us will contribute to moving your heart, by paying attention to your opinion.

04. Let us be your lighthouse to light your life up.
We will be your lighthouse so that you can live your everyday beautiful and healthy.



This product is the signature of Dameerae. Curcumin Gold is made of valuable ingredients including Curcumin from turmeric and Boswellia extract for the chief ingredients. We are confident that Curcumin Gold is good for your wellness and beauty.
(1SET 100EA)

Please make sure of ‘DMR’ mark when you purchase Curcumin gold!



This product is made of herbal ingredients combining with Longan and Oriental medicine vine. It supports your wellness, even the flavor is excellent.

(1SET 60EA)

Please make sure of ‘DMR’ mark when you purchase Curcumin gold!