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Collagen Curcumin Natural Vitamin C

DMR's C.C.V.s include fishcollagen, curcumin, 

It's a product made up of natural vitamin C.

My family has to eat it. 



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Does nano-technology improve absorption?

Curcumin gold is a water-soluble curcumin extract with high absorption capacity. 

The fat-soluble Curcumin extracted from Turmeric and Curcuma is processed by hyperfine technology so that we raise the absorption

rate and remove the strong flavor of turmeric to suit your palate.

Golden Gift

Start healthy dietary regular routines for your family. No sugar included, but kids love its healthy taste!


The Time magazine-selected '10 best foods of the world' 

Curcumin is recognized for its medicinal property

This is the confidence of Curcumin Gold

No preservative included!

No powder, no residue!

We prepared heartily with a deep sense of gratitude.

The portable, instant “Curcumin Gold”! Take them anywhere with you!